Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drill Shells to Create a Beaded Shell Chain

Before: Shells
We've done it before, but we love taking shells we collected and turning them into jewelry. After sorting through our shell collection, we decided to take so large shells, drill the ends of shells and string the shells as if they were beads. We created a long chain of shells that can be worn as a single strand long or a double strand short necklace. The shell chain can also be wrapped multiple times around the arm and be worn as a bracelet.

Stringing materials 
G-S Hypo Cement or other glue

After: Shell Necklace by
Bead board (optional)
Drill & micro drill bits (size 62)

Step 1
Arrange the shells on the bead board in the order desired.

Step 2
Submerge the shells in water and drill holes in each end. Tip: We like to use the plastic top of a Haagen Daaz ice cream container to hold the water when we drill shells.

Step 3
String the shells on the wire or stringing material in the set order.

Step 4
Finish the necklace by tying the stringing material in a knot and adding a drop of glue.

Warning: Be sure to allow the glue to cure overnight before wearing the necklace.

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Further Reading
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Day 109. Month 5. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent: 0
Found materials: shells
New Jewelry a Day.  

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