Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make a Ring from a Spoon

Go to almost any yard sale and you will find pieces of mismatched flatware. Rings upcycled from vintage or antique sterling silver or silver-plated spoons and other flatware are easy to construct. Spoon rings are clever, ageless jewelry.

Jewelry saw
Step 1
Select an old spoon to use to create a ring. Vintage and antique sterling silver or sterling plate flatware work particularly well and will make interesting jewelry.

Step 2
Determine the size ring you need by measuring your finger or the finger of the person for whom you plan to make the ring. If you do not have a ring sizing tool, take a piece of paper and wrap it around the finger for which you plan to make the ring. Mark and cut the paper to the ring size needed.

Step 3
Place the sizing paper on the decorative end of the spoon. Cut the spoon to size using a jewelry saw.

Sanding sponges
Step 4
File the end of the cut metal until quite smooth, then use sand paper or sanding sponges until the metal is smooth enough to be worn as a ring. You can use traditional files and sand paper or a flex shaft and sanding tools to smooth and then sand the metal.

Butane torch
Step 5
Anneal the metal cut from the spoon with a torch, to soften the metal and make forming the ring easier. If you do not have a torch, you can still form the ring but the metal will be more difficult to move and shape.

Form spoon into ring
Step 6
Form the ring by wrapping the cut metal around a ring mandrel at the size needed. Use a forming mallet to shape.

Step 7
Finish the ring by buffing and polishing to a high shine. You can leave the spoon ring shiny or you can chose from a variety of alternate finishes. For example, you can add a mat or scratch finish. You can also add color through patina or enamel.

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