Monday, July 18, 2011

Make a Cell Phone Charm

Cell phone charm by
Most cell phones look the same until you decorate them with a cell phone charm! We used basic wire wrapping techniques to create a cell phone charm using basic tools available in most beading, jewelry supply and hardware stores.

Cell phone finding
Head pin

Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters

Step 1
Assemble your tools and materials.

Select your beads and arrange your design. You can use any loose beads that fit on the head pin, including craft beads, lampwork beads, blown glass beads, dichroic beads, sterling silver beads, gold filled beads. You can also combine different types of beads as you sort through jewelry supplies to find your ideal pattern.

Step 2
Feed the beads onto the head pin in your desired pattern.

Make loop
Step 3
Use round nose pliers to create a loop at the top of the head pin just above the last bead. Wrap the tail end of the wire three times to secure the loop. Trim any excess wire with your wire cutters. File smooth, if needed.

Step 4
Open finding
Open the finding with your pliers.

Step 5
Attach the charm to the finding. Slip the loop of the drop you just created onto the cell phone finding. Close the loop of the cell phone finding with your pliers so
Attach charm & close finding
that it is secure.

Step 6
Your cell phone charm is now ready to be placed on the cell phone. Make a few and use them interchangeable.

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