Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make Dreidel Earrings

Repurposed Dreidel Earrings by GeltDesigns
It is not secret that we love beads and beading. Webster defines a bead as "a small piece of material pierced for threading on a string or wire." So almost anything can made into a bead using a drill. Today, we are repurposing dreidels, making the dreidels into beads and then using the dreidels as the focal point for hoop earrings.

These earrings are so easy to make it is almost a crime, but our dreidel earrings were a definite hit last night at our neighborhood Chanukah party. Shhh. Don't tell they can be made in only a few moments.

Automatic center punch
Flex shaft and size 60 drill bit
Wire Wrapping Tools
Nylon jaw plier
Wire rounder
 Round nose pliers
Mandrel or three step pliers
Flush cutter or a side cutter
Rawhide or plastic mallet 

Step 1
Select two matching dreidels. We used two wooden dreidels that are very lightweight.

Step 2
Mark with Center Punch
Drill a hole in the stem of each dreidel. Select a drill bit that will drill a very small hole in the center of the stem of the dreidel. We used a size 60 drill bit. Mark the place where you want to make the hole with an automatic center punch so the drill bit does not slip when you drill the hole. Put the drill bit into your drill (we used our flex shaft, but you can use any drill, including a drill press or a Dremel) and drill a hole where you marked the dreidels.

Step 3
Make the ear wires. Straighten 20-gauge brass wire using nylon jaw pliers. Sand the end of the wire smooth using a wire rounder. Create a small loop in the end of the wire using round nose pliers. Wrap the wire around a mandrel (we used our favorite block) or three step pliers.

Cut the wire from the spool using a flush cutter or a side cutter.  Hit the formed loop with a rawhide or plastic mallet to harden the wire.

Slide onto the finding
Step 4
Slide the ear wire through the hole you drilled in the dreidel stem.

Step 5
Bend the wire
Bend the ear wire so that it will fit into the loop of the ear wire. Sand the end of the wire smooth using a wire rounder.

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Happy Chanukah!

Day 14. Week 2. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent: 0
Found materials: Wooden Dreidels
New Jewelry a Day. 

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