Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make a Dreidel Pendant

Repurposed Dreidel Pendant by GeltDesigns
Yesterday, we made earrings from dreidels. Today, we made a pendant out of a larger,  green-painted, wood dreidel that we wore on a simple brass neck-ring.

14-gauge brass wire

Automatic center punch
Flex shaft and size 46 drill bit
Mandrel or Wrap n' Tap Pliers
Chain nose  pliers
Wire rounder or needle file
Wire side cutters or flush cutters
Small ball pein hammer, plastic or rawhide mallet

Step 1
Select the dreidel you plan to use. We used a medium sized wood dreidel painted green.

Step 2
Mark the dreidel with an automatic center punch and then drill a hole in the dreidel. We used a flex shaft and size 46 drill bit to drill the hole. The drill bit is larger than the drill bit we used to make the dreidel earrings because the stem of the dreidel is larger and can accommodate a hole large enough to slip 14-gauge brass wire through.

Step 3
Make the finding. Use a mandrel  Wrap n' Tap pliers to make a large ring from the 14-gauge wire. Cut the wire using wire cutters. File the ends of the rings smooth using a wire rounder or a flex shaft with a cup bur. Adjust the ring so the ends are flush. Hit the ring with a rawhide or plastic mallet to harden the metal.

Step 4
Open the ring and slip the dreidel onto the wire of the finding. Close the ring with your chain nose pliers. Turn the ring until the wood on the dreidel covers the closure of the ring you made.

Step 5
Feed the dreidel pendant onto a chain. We used a brass  neck-ring we hand made in our studio, but you can use any chain of your choice.

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