Friday, December 31, 2010

Make a Ring from Gimp

So yesterday we played with string and made a "chain" from imitation leather by creative knotting. The knotted chain highlighted some glass charms we created from a broken plate.

The process of knotting got my youngest daughter thinking and she decided to take some gimp leftover from a girl scout troop project and use the gimp to create a trio of delightfully playful rings.

After: Gimp Ring Trio by GeltDesign

Step 1

Gather your tools and materials. Determine what color gimp you want to use.

Step 2
Tie the gimp around the finger for which you want to make a ring.

Step 3
Remove the gimp from your finger.

Step 4
Continue to finish a square knot to create the ring. Tighten the knot. Adjust as needed. You can add a drop of glue to secure the knot, but if you pull the knot tight the glue is not needed.

After: Ring by
Hint: You can use a ring mandrel to determine what size ring you want to make. You can also use the ring mandrel to create the ring if the person for whom you are making the ring is not around.

Step 5
Trim the excess gimp from both sides of the square knot.

Step 6
Repeat to create the second and third ring for the trio.

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Further Reading
"Mod Knots: Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Macrame"; Cathi Milligan; 2009.
"Decorative Knot Craft: Over 20 Innovative Knotting And Macrame Accessories"; Kim Sang Lang; 2008.
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Day 41. Week 5. Month 2.  Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent: 0
Found materials: Gimp
New Jewelry a Day.

Enjoy tonight and have a very, very happy new year!

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