Saturday, December 11, 2010

Make Earrings from Shoe Charms

Before: Scrap Wire & Shoe Charms
Upon finding these colorful shoe charms, the youngest member of our design team decided that they would make excellent earrings. After adding in some colored wire to make "S" links and a brass fishhook finding, we had all the materials needed for this fast, simple project.

18-gauge red Artistic wire
Two shoe charms
Two fishhook ear wire findings

Repurposed Shoe Charm Earring by GeltDesigns
Round nose pliers  or 3-Step wire looping pliers
Chain nose or bent nose pliers
Wire rounder or needle file
Wire side cutters or flush cutters

Step One

Acquire all materials. We used two colorful foot charms, two brass fishhook findings and some colored wire.

Step Two
Make two" S" links out of the colored wire.

Step Three
Attach each "S" link to one of the two foot charms so that one foot charm is attached to one S link and the same goes for the other "S" link and charm.

Step Four
Attached the ear wire findings.

Step 5
Repeat to create second earring.

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Day 21. Week 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent: 0
Found materials: shoe charms
New Jewelry a Day.

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  1. where do you buy the foot charm & how much are they?