Saturday, January 1, 2011

Make a Leather & Button Bracelet

Before: Button Box
I do not know where these buttons came from; they were in my button box. You may have a button box. My button box is the place I threw the extra buttons that used to come with most clothes. Its also the place I store "reclaimed" buttons from clothes that no longer fit, are terrible out of fashion or are otherwise relegated to the giveaway pile.

Great buttons often find themselves starring in my
After: Bracelet by
favorite clothes for years. Buttons can update or transform clothes and create a new look with little work.... but buttons can also make fun jewelry. Today's project was made with only two brightly colored buttons and the imitation leather from the spool we've used in a few projects.

Two buttons
Leather, imitation leather or other stringing material
16-gauge brass wire or the clasp of your choice
Barges glue

Step 1
Select the buttons you want to use and feed the stringing material through the buttons. Tighten the stringing material so the buttons sit the way you like-- in our case we wanted the buttons so sit one on top of the other.

Knot the Leather
Step 2
Measure about 1-inch and create a square knot on either side of the buttons. Repeat to create a chain of knots.

Step 3
Create the "S" clasp from 16-gauge round brass wire or select a commercially made clasp. Attach the clasp by doubling over the stringing material. Feed the clasp onto the loop and then tie a knot to secure the clasp. You can add a drop of Barges glue to the knot for added security.

Brass "S" Clasp & Leather Chain
Step 4
Create the eye for the clasp by doubling over the stringing material and then making a knot at the bottom of the loop. Again, add a drop of Barges glue to the knot for added security.

Step 5
Trim the excess stringing material.

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After: Back Side of Button Bracelet
Day 42. Month 3.  Jewelry from Found Objects.
Found materials: Buttons
New Jewelry a Day.

Happy New Year!

How to Make Other Clasps

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