Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Use LEGO® as Beads to Make a Necklace

Before:  LEGO® in the toy box
So today we played with  LEGO®. Again. It turns out New Jewelry a Day is a great excuse to play with toys. My delightful daughter and I happily sifted and sorted and arranged colors. The result was a bag full of odd shaped LEGO® sorted into possible projects and a colorful  LEGO® beaded necklace accented with sterling silver parts.

Leather, imitation leather or other stringing material 
Six sterling silver beads
Sterling silver clasp

After: Necklace by
Bead board  
Scissors or wire cutter
Glue (optional)

Step 1
Select the  LEGO®. Arrange the  LEGO®. We used a bead board when creating our design. 

Bead boards are not necessary (a plate or bowl will do) but bead boards are a great tool to prevent beads from rolling while you work. Bead boards come in a variety of sizes ( 9x 12 inch, 34-inch, travel) and are made by many different vendors, including Beadalon and Beadsmith;; they all serve the same purpose. 

Step 2
String the LEGO® and beads
Make or select the accent beads and clasp. We used sterling silver beads and a sterling silver "S" clasp, but picking the beads and playing with the pattern is half the fun. There were a lot of designs we liked and could have used.

Step 3
String the  LEGO® and beads onto the stringing material.

Step 4
Add the clasp. We used a sterling silver "S" clasp but selecting the clasp is part of the design.

Make loop
Make a loop at the end of the stringing material. Slide the last LEGO® to secure the loop.

Make knot
Make a knot or two below the first and second LEGO®. Secure the knot with glue. 

Slide the second LEGO® over the knots and snap the first and second LEGO® to cover and secure the knot. 
Cover knot and snap LEGO®
Step 5
Attach clasp

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After :LEGO® Bead  Necklace by

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New & Noteworthy
"Jewelry from Found Objects"; Heather Skowood; 2011.

Day 53.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent: 0
Found materials: LEGO®
New Jewelry a Day.

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