Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Game Piece Earrings

Before: Game piece
We found these red game pieces in the toy box. I am not sure what game they came from. I think it was an old Parchessi game, but I am not sure.... and nobody else in my house can remember either. We've played a LOT of games over the years.

The game pieces are colorful, in good shape and light weight. Clearly, these game pieces were destined to become earrings.

After: Earrings by
2 game pieces
2 small screw eyes
2 ear wire findings

Flex shaft, Dremel or drill press
Size 58 drill bit 
Parallel pliers or chain nose pliers

Step 1
Clean the game pieces.

Step 2
Mark the game pieces with an indentation where you want to insert the screw eye. You can use the sharp end of the screw eye to mark the plastic or use a center punch. The indentation will prevent the drill bit from slipping when you drill the game piece.

Step 3
Drill a hole in the game piece where you placed the mark.The hole should be smaller and less deep than the length of the screw eye.

Tighten the screw eye
Step 4
Screw the screw eye into the hole until all you can see is the eye. Hint: it may be easier to hold the screw eye in one place with parallel pliers or chain nose pliers and turn the plastic toy when inserting the screw eye.

Step 5
Make or select an ear wire. Attach the finding.

Step 6
Repeat to create second earring.

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Further Reading
"500 Earrings: New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry (500 Series)"; Lark; 2007.
"500 Earrings the Great Picture Book (A Wonderful Idea Book!!)"; Anna Verbsky Sagami

Day 65.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: screw eyes, game pieces
New Jewelry a Day.

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