Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make Glass & Copper Earrings

Broken Bowl
Today we took some more glass from a broken bowl and some pieces of scrap copper and turned them into earrings.

22-gauge copper sheet metal
20-gauge round copper wire

Diamond hole saw
Diamond drill bits
Acid etching cream
Disc cutter
Wire wrapping tools

Step 1
After: Earrings by
Cut the glass into two disks using a hole saw. Drill a hole in each piece of glass with a diamond-coated drill bit to attach findings. File and sand the glass until the edges are smooth using a diamond file or glass grinder and then wet/dry sandpaper. Etch the glass with acid etch (or by sandblasting).

Step 2
Purchase or cut two copper disks. Cut a hole in each disk so it has a large off-center hole.

Step 3
Make or purchase copper ear wires.

Step 4
Assemble the pieces.

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Further Reading
"Contemporary Warm Glass: A Guide to Fusing, Slumping & Kiln-Forming Techniques"; Brad Walker; 2000.
"Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition"; Tim McCreight; 2004.
"Contemporary Copper Jewelry w/DVD: Step-by-Step Techniques and Projects"; Sharilyn Miller; 2010.

Day 50.  Month 3.  Jewelry from Found Objects.
Found materials: broken glass, scrap copper
New Jewelry a Day.

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