Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Make Leather & Lampwork Glass Bead Earrings

Before: Imitation Leather
I made the beads for these earrings years ago in a lampwork class. The instructor asked the class to make a basic blue bead and then add dots. Making the first bead was easy. Making a matching second bead...not so much. The beads sat in a bin in our workshop until we decided to use the beads to
After: Earrings by
make them into earrings for our New Jewelry a Day project.

2 lampwork glass beads (or beads of your choice)
Leather, imitation leather or other stringing material
2 fish hook brass ear wires (or findings of your choice)

Step 1
Make or select two lampwork glass beads.

Step 2
Slide lampwork bead on leather
Cut a piece of imitation leather, leather or other stringing material of your choice five inches long. Slide the ear wire onto the cut stringing material until the finding is centered. Fold the stringing material in half so the finding is at the top of the folded material.

Step 3
Measure 1/2 inch and make a knot below the finding so the finding is secured in a loop.

Step 4
Slide the lampwork bead onto the stringing material until it sits just below the knot.

Tie knot below lampwork bead
Step 5
Make a second knot just below the lampwork glass bead.

Step 6
Trim the stringing material, if needed, so that the fringe at the bottom is even and about 1-inch long.

Step 7
Repeat to make the second matching earring.

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After: Earrings by
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Day 46.  Month 3.  Jewelry from Found Objects.
Found materials: imitation leather, lampwork orphan beads
New Jewelry a Day.

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