Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make a LEGO® and Chain Necklace

Before: LEGO® in the toy box
We are still playing with LEGO®. Isn't it great that we do not have to stop?  

This project took on a completely different look from yesterday's LEGO® as bead necklace or the Giant necklace we made influenced by Emiko Oye. Rather, this necklace was influenced by the work of  Susan Lenart Kazmer's talisman style art jewelry.

After: Necklace by
I've always liked  Kazmer's mixed-media necklaces and I admire her generosity in sharing her ideas and techniques. This necklace incorporates LEGO® rather than metal, so it is really just the talisman feel we emulated. 

If you are not familiar with Kazmer's amazing work, I recommend curling up with her book Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists.

Brass Chain
18-gauge round brass wire or
20-gauge round brass wire 

Bead board
Side cutters 
Wire looping pliers 
Flex shaft or Dremel and cup burr 
(or wire rounder

Arrange the LEGO®
Step 1
Gather your tools and materials. Arrange the LEGO® on the bead board in the design you like.

Attach the LEGO® to the chain
Step 2
Attach the LEGO® to the chain and to each other as arranged.  I used 20-gauge round brass wire to attach the LEGO®charms because we have a lot of the 20-gauge wire. If I made the necklace again, I might substitute 18-gauge round brass wire for durability.

Clasp made by
Step 3
Select or make the clasp. Attach the clasp to the chain.

Step 4
Check all wire to be sure there are no sharp edges. File the wire with needle files, if needed, to remove any sharp spots.

After: Necklace by
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Further Reading
"Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists"; Susan Lenart Kazmer
"Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects: Creative Projects, Simple Techniques (Lark Jewelry Books)";  Marthe Le Van; 2007.
"Junk to Jewelry: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Found Objects in Jewelry You Can Actually Wear";  Brenda Schweder; 2007.

New & Noteworthy
"Jewelry from Found Objects"; Heather Skowood; 2011.

Day 54.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: LEGO®, chain
New Jewelry a Day.

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