Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make an Enamel Necklace from a Copper Pipe

Before: Copper Refrigerator Tubing
We demonstrated how to make copper pipe into a neck-ring. In this project, we enameled the copper neck-ring to add color.

Copper pipeEnamel

Jewelry kiln or torch
After: Copper Enameled Neck-Ring by
Tripod or other kiln furniture (to hold enamel when firing)
Fork or spatula (to move enamel)

Step 1
Make a neck-ring. Follow the instructions in our tutorial "How to Make a Neck-Ring from Copper Pipe."

Step 2
Paint white liquid enamel on the copper pipe using a paint brush dedicated to enamel.

Step 3
Sift powder enamel over the liquid enamel. We used a pale blue. The powder will stick to the liquid enamel an add color.

Step 4
Fire the enamel using a kiln or a torch. We fired this neck-ring with a torch to get a rough, earthy look.

Step 5
Remove the fired enamel from the kiln or the flame of the torch. Allow the enamel to cool to room temperature.

Step 6
File the edges of the copper enamel neck-ring to remove oxidation or fire-scale, if any.

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Day 49.  Month 3.  Jewelry from Found Objects.
Found materials: copper pipe
New Jewelry a Day.

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