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Make a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet

Before: Duct Tape
Duct tape jewelry, clothing, handbags and other items are very popular amongst the middle school set. A roll of duct tape can make many interesting accessories. This duct tape bracelet is a favorite in the middle schools in and around Washington, DC. In this tutorial, my daughter demonstrates how to make a braided duct tape bracelet.

Tools & Materials
Tape measure
Duct Tape (Duck Brand in pink, purple, green)
Center punch
14-gauge craft wire
Velcro (optional)

After: Duct Tape Bracelet by
Step 1
Select your duct tape. We used Duck Brand duct tape in pink, purple, green, but you can use any color or brand.

Step 2
Measure your wrist or the wrist of the person for whom you plan to make the duct tape bracelet using a tape measure. Add about an inch when measuring the wrist to take into account overlap needed for findings.

Unroll Duct Tape
Step 3
Unroll about 7-1/2 inches of duct tape to make a 6-inch (child-sized) bracelet. Fold the duct tape in half.  Cut the folded piece in half using scissors. Repeat for each color.

Tape the Strips Together
Step 4
Braid the Duct Tape
Tape the three strips together. We used pink tape.

Step 5
Braid the three strips of duct tape.

Step 6
Tape Ends
Tape the other end of the braided strips together. Again, we used pink duct tape.

Use Center Punch to Cut Holes
Step 7
Use a center punch to cut a hole in each end of the duct tape bracelet to attach a clasp.

NOTE: If you do not want to attach a clasp, you can substitute Velcro and paste the Velcro on either side of the bracelet rather than using a clasp.

Attach "S" Clasp
Step 8
"S" Clasp
Make or select an "S" clasp. We used an "S" clasp we made in our studio from 14-gauge scrap, craft wire. It is a really nice blue that compliments the color of the duct tape bracelet.

Attach the "S" clasp through a hole in one end of the bracelet. Check to be sure the other hole is large enough to slip the clasp through the hole (but not so large that the clasp will fall off).

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After: Braided Duct Tape Bracelet by GeltDesigns.
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