Monday, January 17, 2011

Make a Stamped Bracelet

Before: Scrap Metal
To celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday, we decided to use scrap metal to create bracelet stamped "DREAM."

16-gauge scrap sheet metal

Jewelry saw 
Half round file
Wet/dry sandpaper
Black Sharpie
Rawhide mallet
1/4-inch (6.0mm) alphabet stamps
Ball-peen hammer
Steel block
Oval bracelet mandrel

Step 1
Measure your wrist or the wrist of the person for whom you are making the bracelet. Cut a piece of scrap metal to the size needed to make the bracelet. You can use a jewelry saw or a bench shear to cut the metal.

Step 2
File the edges of the scrap metal until smooth. Use you rawhide mallet to remove dents and imperfections. Use wet/dry sandpaper to sand away tool marks and prepare the metal for stamping.

Line up the stamps and mark the metal
Step 3
Arrange the stamps and determine where you plan to stamp the metal. Mark the metal with a black Sharpie to identify exactly where to stamp the metal.

Step 4
Place the prepared metal on the steel bench block. Align the first stamp (the "D") with the first dot. Hit the stamp firmly with the ball-peen hammer to create the impression. Repeat with each subsequent stamp until you stamped "DREAM."

Step 5
Remove the marker using acetone. Rinse with soap and water.

After: Dream Bracelet by
Step 6
Wrap the stamped metal around the oval bracelet mandrel. Use the raw hide hammer to form the metal into an oval bracelet.

Step 7
Use liver of sulfur or another chemical patina to highlight the stamped letters.

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Day 58.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: scrap metal
New Jewelry a Day.

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