Monday, January 31, 2011

Make a Bracelet from a Handle

Before: Plastic Handle
Sometimes ideas come easy. At other times, creative energy is hard to find. The other day when I was bringing in DH's dry cleaning and I removed the handle from the box of dress shirts, I knew I found a perfect item to repurpose into a bangle bracelet.

My daughter and I played with a lot of ideas. We thought about weaving satin, cloth, imitation leather or suede through the holes or adding beads to embellish. We played with different styles of clasps. In the end, we decided simple was better and more striking.

Automatic center punch or center punch
Size 41 drill bit

After: Bracelet by
Sterling silver "S" clasp

Step 1
Remove the 7-inch handle from the box and wash it.

Step 2
Use an automatic center punch to mark where you want to drill holes to attach the finding. Drill a hole where you marked the plastic.

We drilled the holes in the center of the end pieces, but you may want to adjust the location of the holes depending on the finding you use.
After: Bracelet by GeltDesign

Step 3

Add the handmade or commercial finding. Test to be sure the finding will stay secure on one side but can slip in  and out of the other side rather easily when putting on or taking off the cuff bracelet.

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Further Reading
"500 Bracelets: An Inspiring Collection of Extraordinary Designs (500 Series)"; Lark; 2005.
"EveryDay Upcycle: 101 Scrap Crafts and Repurpose Projects"

Day 72.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: plastic handle
New Jewelry a Day.

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