Sunday, January 30, 2011

Make Hex Nut Earrings

Before: Hex Nuts
Hardware comes in many interesting shapes and sizes. The hardware store is a great source for inexpensive, often colorful materials to use in jewelry making.

We had another busy weekend but we found time to make a set of simple earrings using stray stainless steel hex nuts leftover from a long finished remodeling project. We liked the combination of silver and blue in these simple, easy to make earrings.

Spool of blue suede
2 stainless steel hex nuts
2 surgical steel hypoallergenic fish hook earring findings
Blue suede or other stringing materials

After: Earring by

Step 1
Select the hex nuts.

Step 2
Cut about five inches of blue suede or the stringing material of your choice.

Step 3
Fold the suede in half and then make a square knot about midway to make a loop at the top of the suede.

Step 4
Slide the hex nut over the loop so the hex nut sits on top of the knot.

Step 5
Add an earring finding to the loop.

Step 6
Repeat to create the matching earring.

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Further Reading
"Making Designer Jewelry from Hardware, Gems, and Beads": Nicole Noelle Sherman; 2008.
"Hardwear: Jewelry from a Toolbox"; Hannah Rogge; 2006.

Day 71.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: hex nuts
New Jewelry a Day.

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