Friday, January 28, 2011

Make a Charm Bracelet from Toy Figurines

Snow again. Yesterday the kids had no school and we had intermittent electricity. Today school started two hours late.  Our power was restored but folks all of over town still have no power --
Before: Toys in the toy box
and that includes many traffic lights. DC is a mess.

For the past three days, I had to begin my day by shoveling snow and I have body parts that hurt that I did not even remember I had. Why should my side be sore from shoveling snow? (We all know my sore parts could not be due to sledding or otherwise playing in the snow! It has to be the shoveling!)

After: Charm Bracelet by
The good news for the GeltDesigns girls is that the snow gave us extra time to play in our studio -- after we finished playing in the snow. Today, we used more toy figurines to make a charm bracelet.

Silver chain with clasp
Seven jump rings
Seven small screw eyes
Seven figurines

Parallel flat nose pliers or
Parallel chain nose pliers

Step 1
Select the toys. Arrange the toys in the order you want to use them as charms for your bracelet. Gather your other tools and materials.  

We picked seven figurines of about the same size in different shapes and colors, but you can use more or less depending on the toys you pick. Picking the items and arranging the order is half the fun.

Step 2
Take a toy and make a divot in the toy where you want to attach the screw eye.  Begin screwing the screw eye into the back where you made the divot. For most soft plastic toys, you do not need to drill first; unless the plastic is quite hard, just mark the toy and begin screwing the part into the toy.

Use pliers for added leverage when screwing in the eye. It may be easier to hold the screw eye with your pliers and turn the toy figurine to secure the finding rather than trying to screw the eye into the toy.

Use jump ring to attach toy charm
Step 3
Attach a jump ring to the screw eye and to the chain.

Step 4
Repeat with each remaining figurine until the bracelet is complete.

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Day 69.  Month 3. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: toys
New Jewelry a Day.

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend. :) 

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  1. What a cute idea! I used to collect those little rubber animals. Maybe a new bracelet is in order! :)