Friday, February 4, 2011

Make Earrings with Lock Washers

Before: lock washers & steel wire
OK. I admit it. I can no longer complain about folks "borrowing" stuff from our workshop now that we are finding new jewelry making items around the house. Clearly, the hardware drawer in the basement is NOT safe. How we came to have so many different odd shaped, individual pieces of hardware I will never know. Things really do accumulate when you hit the third decade in the same house!

After: Earrings by
Today we decided to make use of some small lock washers. We found four rather dainty looking pieces that contrasted nicely with the steel wire we used in earlier projects (listed below) and made them into earrings.

4 lock washers
19-gauge steel wire

Gather your tools
Chain nose pliers
Needle files (optional)
Round nose pliers or
Wire looping pliers
Wire cutters
Wrap & tap pliers or mandrel or ear wire jig or WigJig
Flex shaft and 16 gauge cup bur or wire rounder
Plastic mallet

Step 1
Clean the lock washers. use your nylon jaw pliers to straighten the steel wire, if needed.

Connect the lock washers
Step 2
Make two "S" links-- one link for each earring. Connect two lock washers with an "S" link.

Step 3
Make loop
Make the ear wires. Make a loop in the steel wire and then wind the wire around a mandrel.

Remove from mandrel
Remove the wire from the mandrel. Cut the wire with wire cutters where the wires complete the circle wrapping the mandrel.

Bend wire to complete finding
Bend the end of the wire so it is parallel with the first loop. File the ends of the cut wire smooth so they ear wires are comfortable to wear.

Repeat to create second ear wire.

Step 4
Hit the ear wires with the plastic mallet to harden them.

Step 5
Attach the ear wires to the dangles.

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Day 76.  Month 4. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: lock washers, steel wire
New Jewelry a Day.

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend!

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