Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make a Stamped Pendant from a Washer

Happy groundhogs day! Apparently, the pesky beast did not see his shadow this morning and so predicts an early spring. I sure hope he is correct. We have had way to much snow, sleet and ice in DC this year.

Before: Copper Washers
Today we made a stamped pendant from a copper washer. We stamped the pendant "FYEO" (text speak meaning "for your eyes only" for those of you who do not speak text messaging). The pendant is part of the One World One Heart 2011 Giveaway so click the link to enter for your chance to win this or another custom stamped pendant with the lettering of your choice.

After: Stamped Pendant by
Copper washer
18 gauge round brass wire
Liver of sulfur

Wet/dry sandpaper
Dapping block and 1 lb brass hammer
Steel block 
1.5mm alphabet stamps
16 oz. brass hammer
Wire looping pliers
Wire cutter
Flex shaft and 15-gauge cup bur

Step 1
Clean and prepare the copper washer. Sand away tool marks, if any.

Step 2
Form the copper washer

Form the washer. Place the washer in the dapping block. Select the appropriate dap. Place the dap on top of the washer in the block. Strike the dap with the hammer to form. Brass hammers are preferred as they prolong the life of your tools, but any hammer can be used.
Washers before & after forming
Repeat as needed until you get the depth of curve you like for the pendant.

Step 3
Mark the washer where you want to stamp the lettering. Select the letters. Place the copper washer on a steel bench block. Use a hammer to stamp the letters one letter at a time where you marked the washer.

Step 4
Use liver of sulfur to highlight the lettering. Paint the prepared liver of sulfur into the stamped letters. Use high grit sandpaper to remove the excess liver of sulfur.

Make 2 loops
Step 5
"S" link with 2 loops
Make and attach the finding. Use pliers to create an "S" link from 18-gauge brass wire but wrap two adjacent loops on one side of the link.

Cut the excess wire. File the ends until smooth.

Open loops
Use your pliers to pry apart the two adjacent loops.

Adjust bail
Open the lower jump ring and attach the bail to the pendant.

Adjust spacing as needed so the bail allows the pendant to hang evenly.

Pendant signed "Gelt" by
 Open the lower jump ring and attach the bail to the pendant.

Step 6
Sign the piece. We stamped the pendant with our signature: "Gelt"

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Further Reading 
"Stamped Metal Jewelry: Creative Techniques and Designs for Making Custom Jewelry"; Lisa Niven Kelly; 2010.
"Making Metal Jewelry: Projects, Techniques, Inspiration"; Joanna Gollberg; 2006.

Day 74.  Month 4. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: copper washer
New Jewelry a Day.

Remember, today's project is a door prize. Stop by our blog post about One World One Heart 2011 Giveaway to enter.

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