Thursday, February 17, 2011

NJAD Index by Type of Jewelry (Days 1 to 90)

Today is day 90 of our New Jewelry a Day project. To date, my daughter and I  resisted the temptation to supplement our ample craft supplies and instead used only what we have and what we can find in our recycling can to make the first 90 jewelry projects of our year long adventure. To find materials, we sifted through the toy box, our craft corner and rescued lots of materials from the recycling bin ...but so far we girls met our self imposed goal of spending no money on our NJAD project.

Naturally, as we use up our many craft supplies, the challenge of making a new jewelry project from found objects every day gets more difficult...but that also mandates more creativity. All in all...a very satisfying way for a mother/daughter team to spend an icy, snowy winter.

Here is an index of the NJAD projects to date (days 1 to 90) by type of jewelry or accessory made:

Make a Belt from Brass Chain
Make a Stone & Elastic Belt (Made from Hair Bands)

Make a Valentine's Day Cuff Bracelet
Make a Bracelet from Scrabble® Tiles
Make a Bracelet from a Handle
Make a Charm Bracelet from Toy Figurines
Make a Bracelet from a Plastic Bottle
Make a Cuff Bracelet from a Plastic Bottle
Make a Stamped Bracelet
Make a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet
Copper Bracelet by
Make a Leather & Brass Link Bracelet
Make a Three Strand Bracelet from Copper Washers
Make a Leather & Button Bracelet
Make a Beaded Bracelet with Copper Pipe & Wire
Make a Bracelet from Grommets
Make a Glass & Brass Link Bracelet
Make a Bracelet from a Gift Card
Make a Button Bracelet
Make a Bangle Bracelet from Steel Wire
Make a Bracelet from Steel Wire
Make a Bangle Bracelet from a Copper Pipe
Make a Kiln Formed Bracelet 

Make Earrings from Copper Pipe and Wire
Make Heart Earrings from Copper Staples
Make "Kiss Me" Heart Earrings
Make Earrings with Lock Washers
Make Wine Cup Earrings
Make Hex Nut Earrings
Make Wishbone Earrings from Wire
Make Game Piece Earrings
Make Paper and Rubber Earrings
Make Earrings from Scrap Wire
Make Dog Earrings from Toys
Make Glass & Copper Earrings
Make Post Earrings from a Gift Card
Make Leather & Lampwork Glass Bead Earrings
Make LEGO® Christmas Earrings
Make Duct Tape Earrings
Make Earrings from Grommets
Make Post Earrings from Vintage Game Pieces
Make Earrings from an iTunes Gift Card
Make Earrings from Shoe Charms
Make Earrings from Copper Wire
Make Chanukah Menorah Earrings from Plastic Bottle Caps
Make Dreidel Earrings 
Make Earrings from Steel Wire
Make Tricolored Riveted Earrings
Make Recycled Glass & Sterling Silver Earrings
Make Lego Earrings
Make Button Earrings
LEGO®  Necklace by

Make a Necklace from Lock Washers & Toys
Make a Necklace from Shoe Lace Charms
Make a Super Bowl Necklace from LEGO®
Make a Necklace from Paper
Make a LEGO® and Chain Necklace
Use LEGO® as Beads to Make a Necklace
Make a Necklace from a Credit Card
Make a Giant LEGO® Necklace
Make a Bib Necklace from Washers
Make a Necklace from Shells
Make a Glass Charm Necklace
Make a Chain and Button Bib Necklace

Make an Enamel Necklace from a Copper Pipe 
Make a Neck-Ring from Copper Pipe

Make a Pendant from a Scrabble® Tile
Make a Valentine's Day Heart Pendant from a Copper Washer
Make a Crab Pendant from Polymer Clay
Cold Enamel a Washer to Make a Pendant
Make a Stamped Pendant from a Washer
Make a Cartoon Pendant
Make a Pendant from a Bottle
Turn a Glass Jar into a Pendant
Turn an Earring into a Pendant
Make a Dreidel Pendant
Back of Pin made by
Make a Tri-colored Riveted Pendant & Chain

Make a Beer Bottle into a Heart Pin
Make a Spider Pin from a Toy
Make a Lizard Pin from a Toy
Make a Pin from a Glass Pebble

Make a Ring from Gimp

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