Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make a Super Bowl Necklace from LEGO®

Before: in the toy box
Today will be a brief post because we spent the day getting ready for the super bowl and the evening will be spent watching the game and then recovering from our party.

After: Necklace by
We went to the toy box again to string a simple beaded necklace using green and yellow. Go team! ....and enjoy the game.

Leather, imitation leather, satin or other stringing material


Step 1
Go to the toy box and collect the LEGO® of your choice. Arrange design using a beadboard. If you do not have a beadboard, then you can use a plate to prevent the LEGO® beads from rolling as you arrange your design.

Step 2
Cut 21-inches of 1mm imitation leather or the stringing material of your choice.

Step 3
String the LEGO® beads.

Step 4
Add the clasp.

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Day 78.  Month 4. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: LEGO®
New Jewelry a Day.

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