Saturday, February 19, 2011

Make Wire Wrapped Rings

Before: Copper wire on spool
One of my daughter's favorite designs is to take an orphan glass bead and use it as a focal point for a simple wire-wrapped ring. She makes a lot of them and has a few quick, easy designs that are always a hit.

Bead of your choice
Select beads
18-gauge copper wire

Ring mandrel
Wire cutters
Wire rounder
Rawhide mallet
Tumbler (optional)

Step 1
Select the bead to use as the focal point for the ring.

Step 2
Determine ring size. Feed the bead on the copper wire. Wrap the copper wire around the ring mandrel at the size needed.

Step 3
Finish the ring.

After: wire wrapped ring
My daughter has a number of different ring styles. Sometimes she wraps the wire only once and tucks the excess wire under the bead.

Ring with prongs
Other times, she bends the wire on either side of the bead so that the ends of the wire frame the bead and look like prongs holding the bead in place.

Other designs call for the wire to be wrapped two, three
Rings with multiple wraps
or more times before tucking the ends under the bead or creating a prong-style setting for the bead.

Step 4
Trim the excess wire with the wire cutters. File the ends of the wire smooth using a wire rounder, needle file or cup bur and flex shaft or rotary tool (like a Dremel).

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Day 91  Month 4. Jewelry from Found Objects.  $ spent to date: 0
Found materials: copper wire, orphan bead
New Jewelry a Day.

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